What I Do

What I do is not a mystery, at least not to me anyway!

When people ask what I do for a living, I just tell them computers, writing and music, because that is the simplest answer I can give them without complicating things!

Of course it is not a complete answer but it is quick and simple. The more complete answers are:

Computer and Software Support Services
for customers in my Local Area, Cleveland, Ohio




Internet Site Hosting Acquisition, Set Up, Design, Administration and Support based on customer specific requirements.


All offers at this site are due to be removed due to lack of performance and will be replaced with a minimum premium offer of $99. So you should get involved now since later just means more!

Network Marketing
by finding qualified long term Internet businesses and inviting people interested in those types of businesses to join, promote and build an on-line business.

See Reviews For Network Marketing, Home Business and Internet Business Information


Internet Marketing by developing and maintaining different types of Internet sites to help advertise products and services for business.


Get A Business Listing For 7 Dollars

Business Listings United States Very Small Business


Marketing and More for your very small United States business.



Marketing and More for your very small United States business.


I grabbed this domain thinking it would be a great Traffic Exchange site.

It is a great name and I have learned quite a bit about how an exchange is constructed but the scripting used for this exchange does not impress me, at least not today.

Reworked the overall site theme a bit and made some other changes. If you are into using exchanges, go try it for free.

After I have recruited enough Platinum members who will use the site to their advantage, then I will implement changes to move the the site onto a premium platform using a premium script.

In the mean time, you may wish to note that the current monthly memberships are one half the cost of other similar exchange site memberships.

to keep track of and document what I do and provide fresh written content and articles for my Internet sites and customer’s needing article content.



Marketing and More for your very small business. Articles are another component of establishing and building an effective long term business on the Internet.


 is an important role too.  I play bass guitar in a local band.



I like to keep busy, so

odd jobs that are not related to computers, writing and music keep life interesting.

Stay healthy, keep moving and get plenty of rest!


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