Bank Help Spreadsheet

Bank Help Spreadsheet Helps You Track Account Activity With Your Money

The bank help spreadsheet provides a simple way to help you track all your financial deposits, spends and balances across multiple accounts, but all in one file.

One page to print at the end of a cycle (, week, month, period, year) to see the summary.

The spreadsheet has six banks (zero through five) and one tally sheet.

Print only the necessary pages, as needed, for record keeping or tracking.

Each spreadsheet tracks the specific financial activity within one account.

Bank Help Bank One v1116 Salvatore Zingale SLZ and Associates 12012016

The tally sheet shows overall summary and activity of each account.

Bank Help Tally Spreadsheet v1116 Salvatore Zingale SLZ and Associates 12012016

The spreadsheet was created to help me load and track money deposits, payments and transfers across multiple accounts or banks and keep it all in one file.

The spreadsheet is not meant to replace anything you currently have as far as financial tracking activity. The spreadsheet is designed to help you quickly load and monitor financial activity in parallel with anything else such as bank checking, savings, credit card statements, projects.

Basically anything financial that needs quick tracking.

The original spreadsheet file was created in Open Office and also has been exported for Excel use too, should you need it.

The bank sheets use the fields:


transaction id – Add this data later if needed




reason – Add reason to id deposit, transfer or justify spend, later if needed

Do You Need To Know How To Use Spreadsheets?

If you do anything financial, understanding how to use a spreadsheet can only help you. This spreadsheet is a simple design with simple functions which also makes it a great learning tool.

Can This Spreadsheet Be Used For Other Financial Tracking, Such As Project Cost Tracking, Etc.?

Sure if it works for you use it however you need to help solve your problem.

Can This Spreadsheet Be Included In or Added To Other Projects I Am Working On To Help My Customer’s?

This spreadsheet is provided to you as an end user of the product to help you solve some financial tracking problems or use as a personal learning tool.

This spreadsheet is not locked or protected, which may impeded how you can use it.

This spreadsheet may not be used for any other purpose other than your personal use.

If you do wish to use this spreadsheet as part of something you sell or offer to customer’s as a bonus or freebie, please contact me for permission and rights before doing anything with the file.

During purchase be sure to provide your contact email address where the file will be sent.

Please allow up to 7 days at most to fulfill your order. Once payment is verified, file will be sent to your contact email address.

There are no refunds for this offer once file has been sent to you via email.

Completed Payment or Cancel Transaction returns you to main site.

You will also find comments have been left open on this post…so if you have any suggestions,  pre-sale questions or purchase and find the spreadsheet useful…please do come back and comment!




Sal Zingale



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