One Eighty

Does Your Business Need A One Eighty?

One eighty, what is that?

180 or one eighty is one half of 360 and is what you do with your business when it is time turn it around and face the other way to go in the other direction.

Are you struggling to build your business on-line or off-line?

Then it may be time for you to do a one eighty and get rid of the struggle, so your on-line business smoothly complements your off-line business.

Now suppose for a minute you could remove all of, or even just a part of, your struggle with your business.

How much value would that bring back to you in terms of time or expended energy, that you may be currently wasting, to grow your business?

On annual basis, is it costing you more than fifty cents a day?

More than likely!


So here is my proposal to you!


I am looking for new clients. More specifically, I am looking for United States very small business owners that are struggling to succeed with their business.

I am positioning myself to help very small business owners (U.S. only) with their business.

Eventually, I plan to help very small businesses that exist throughout the world, but my concern today is only finding United States very small business owners.


Are you ready to sign up and get the help you need today for your very small business?

That is great! All you need to do is add your comment to this post. Do not worry, your comments will never be publicly exposed here. I will just read them and decide, if I am capable of helping you. Everyone gets a response directly from me concerning the info listed in your comment.

Oh, one other thing. The initial  investment you will need to commit to, for our first year of business, is $ 279.00!  $169.00 down/10 month for 11 months.


What no list to join?  No product to buy?  No e-book to read?  No freebie to download? And what, just fill out the comment section, are you serious?

Just as serious as you are, maybe even more so!

You are looking at one the easiest ways I use to build my business with a shoe string budget, right here in this post. Of course I can and will back up every word, simply on the basis of a mutual agreement that you need help and I get it done.

Eventually, you could be doing the exact same thing I am doing to build your own business too. You just need to make sure to stand behind what you speak, put into print and do. Otherwise, no matter what you do, you may find your business failing.

Your success is based on you, not me or anyone else, just you! Of course building team* helps too, but in the immediate sense, it is you, what you are about, what you have and what you do!

*Here look at this site where I am building a creative customer team based on my own business model for doing that……and when I am done acquiring enough new customers either here or there, I will then use this site to help someone else find creative teams.

Look, I can put this same written information in an audio file, so you can hear it again. Or in a video, so you can see me saying the same words I just wrote. Or in another video jumping around on a pogo stick, bouncing a basketball and telling you the same thing! (I might need to practice for that last one though.)

Bottom Line With Numbers

Bottom line with the numbers is $279 per year for our first year of business is quite fair to help you with what I already understand how to do and more precisely, get done for you!

If I told you that it would cost you 30 dollars or more per hour for me to show up at your business location, if you are local, every day to help you resolve some of your business issues, would that sound feasible?

And that is just to sit around and be ready to solve a problem that may arise!

Or better still, I could have you commit to a lifetime monthly retainer on an annual basis, with no prorated refund for cancellation and additional fees as needed.

On that basis, you call me, I show up, finish up and bill out on our agreed terms.

Or how about an exclusive contract?

You use only me for certain issues or I do not help at all!


Do you really want to deal with all of that?

I don’t offer any of that stuff now, maybe later though!


It might be beneficial for us to work together. There is no way for me to know without looking at your business. So the easiest way to get through the door is to give me an idea of your business through the comment section.

Give Me An Idea Of Your Business


Again, all comments will never be public and will get a response.

Will you be one I help with your business?



P.S. With any services that I offer, you can quit at any time and get a very fair complete pro-rated refund. I believe, more than likely you will not be quitting, but hey change is good!


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