Salvatore Zingale
Salvatore Zingale

Data Processing Consultant, Cleveland, Ohio
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Obviously the best way to build an effective trust relationship is to give you the information you need to verify facts, especially when it comes down to forming some type of business relationship.

I have been doing business as SLZ and Associates since 1993.

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I provide support for personal computer’s and web sites in person for local clients in Cleveland, Ohio.

For distant clients, I provide long term and temporary web site administration services.

I also enjoy being involved with effective long term Internet businesses that provide value and residual income.

Overall as far as business is concerned, twenty plus years dealing with computer support and technical issues related to the use of hardware and software. Today, computers are critical to keep my business running. Today, computer’s are critical to help people run their business too.

Since 2005, I have been specifically expanding on Internet business services to help as many people as possible with their business on the Internet.

As far as personal, I have 3 primary interests or passions in life. Computer’s, Writing and Music. These 3 interests work well for me personally and in business too! I am comfortable handling the responsibilities. Each has provided a full-time or part-time income. All require research and I enjoy the work most of the time!

Here is what some of my local customers have said:

Sandy Shoe said:

SLZ Computer Services, has developed my website for many years. Our terrific business understanding, now makes it easier to update needed changes, keep current with the on-line business savvy network, and continues to make my T-Shirt Business a progressive  and profitable tool through website advertising. My business relationship with SLZ has been rewarding and successful. I plan to  continue for many more years to come. “That’s my story, and I’m  sticking to it!” —Sandy Shoe – Jakewear

Art Zimmerman said:

I have known SLZ for many many years. They have provided services  from maintaining my computer system to assisting me in setting up a  website for selling my product (SOLO DYNA SYSTEMS) I have encountered a myriad of computer problems in the past including viruses, mechanical/hardware issues as well as program problems. In all cases SLZ solved these issues in a timely fashion. I currently attribute 90% of my sales from my website-Thanks SLZ!!
Art Zimmerman pres. Doc Z International Ltd.

Shirley Spehar said:

Sal has been a real asset to my business. He was always there to walk me through steps to free my computer from the crazy things  computers tend to do at times. He has even made special trips to my home to straighten out computer problems. He has always been pleasant,  extremely knowledgeable and very fairly priced. I would not hesitate to  recommend Sal to anyone who is looking for a good computer person. He’s the best!