What I Do

What I Do Is Not A Mystery, At Least Not To Me Anyway!

When people ask what I do for a living, I just tell them computers, writing and music.

That is the simplest answer I can give them without complicating things!

Of course it is not a complete answer but it is quick and simple.

The more complete answers are:

Computer and Software Support Services for customers in my local area, Cleveland, Ohio.

Site Hosting,  Domain Name Acquisition, Set Up, Design and Customization, Administration and Support based on customer specific requirements.

Network Marketing by finding qualified long term Internet businesses and inviting people interested in those types of businesses to join, promote and build an on-line business.

Internet Marketing by developing and maintaining different types of Internet sites to help advertise products and services for business.

Writing, to keep track of and document what I do, provide fresh written content and articles for my Internet sites and customer content.

And then there is music. I play bass guitar in a local Cleveland  band, Second Hand Dogs.


Stay healthy, keep moving and get plenty of rest!


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